Outstanding Service

We do our best to make sure your space looks as amazing as it possibly can!

Hand Picked Service Technicians

While we receive many job applications, we only invite the top few applicants to join our Interior Plantscape team. Experience and responsibility are two important core values of ours which we check in detail to ensure we hire the best team members possible to care for your space.

Happy Plants

We painstakingly ensure that each individual plant is kept in perfect condition!

Living Life to their Fullest

We believe that starting with the highest quality plants from top-tier suppliers helps your space feel a burst of life from the beginning of our service throughout the many years to come. We do everything we can to keep your plants living their happiest lives possible!

Happy People

Living or working around plants fosters a more peaceful and productive atmosphere!

The Plant Upgrade Mentality

Many studies have been done that show that plants improve the quality of the lives of the people around them. Certain types of plants can be used in an office or home to clean the air of toxic trace amounts of chemicals. Visually, plants help bring life to dull spaces and help soften sharp edges.
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What We Do:

Commercial Plantscapes
Residential Plantscapes



Green Walls

Types of Service: Unique Design Solutions to Fit Any Space

Interior Plantscape offers many different types of service, each is uniquely fitting to the situation or occasion and is tailored to each clients individual needs. We really make an effort to work in a close relationship with our clients to ensure that we are continually keeping their space maintained at the highest level of quality which can be very proud of.

Commercial Plantscape Design

Professional and beautiful all at once. Our team of designers will help your office atmosphere really pop for both your employees and your customers. We can help your business grow by adding our touch of color and keeping it alive for years to come! Guaranteed! 

Residential Plantscape Design

A plant service for those who appreciate having a little bit of nature inside their residence without all the hassle of installing it or maintaining it. We offer many solutions to fit any sized space and offer only the best service technicians to you to take care of your beautiful plants. 

Green Wall Design

Although they speak for themselves, living walls are really an art form and seem to mystify onlookers. One sure-fire way to create an impact full entry into a space is to add our green wall system. We can design to any size needed and offer quality assurance in our maintenance to keep the wall lush and bursting with life! 

Client Reviews: They love our service. We love the appreciation.

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is to hear, every day, how much our clients really enjoy what we have done for them. We are proud to share a few actual testimonials from our satisfied clients below.

“WOW – This is the plant service really goes above and beyond.”

WOW – I dont really know what else to say. This is the best plant service I have ever used. They are probably the best in all of California. We hold our office appearance to a very high standard and Interior Plantscape delivers! Our GREEN WALL has caused many people to stare to the point of drooling as they enter our building. They really do take perfect care of our plants! They may not be a huge company, but I believe that is how they succeed in impressing me so much Interesting designs, friendly staff, and personalized care as if I was their only client. They take such good care of us that we feel like part of their family! Words cannot describe how thankful we are to have found this company! WOW- Interior Plantscape Company is AMAZING!”

Colin and Chris have turned our office into a work of art. When patients step into our waiting room they really do take a moment to look around and enjoy. I believe the plants help people relax and stay calm through their appointments. These plants help show people optimism because they’re always growing every day and looking more and more beautiful!
Carley, Solutions4Life
Amazing service! We used to be stuck in cubical hell, but thanks to Interior Plantscape, we feel like we’re in the middle of a well maintained jungle bursting with life and color. There’s no way we could have done this on our own and we seem to work so much harder now that there is a peaceful setting for us to refocus in. Thanks guys!
Ty, C<>DEwizards
Let me say something. You have an awesome company and I am really in awe at how personable and detailed you guys are. I called Chris 20 times while we were planning and designing the plantscape for our construction office and each time these guys were as helpful as the last! They will really go above and beyond to help their clients out at it means a lot to us in the construction industry to work with contractors we can TRUST!
Geoff, gFORNER Builders
Thank you for your professional attitude and interesting designs! I’ve been staging home architectural photos and family/group pictures for years and the plantscapes that I use as backdrops through Interior Plantscape really help my work to POP! There is no way I would be as successful without you guys. I would recommend this service to anyone in need of something a little extra interesting in their space!
Cammie, yourfaceHERE photography
If I could give 1000 stars for support and attention to detail I definitely would. With your help, I turned an empty commercial space in the heart of SF into a lush, beautiful, glorious place to practice and teach my yogi ways. The air quality in my studio is unparalleled and it really helps my companions reach enlightenment. When I describe the effort Interior Plantscape went to to install two green walls covering the entire studio, people cannot believe it and fall to their knees in adoration– I really mean this. The speed of support and attention to detail is quite phenomenal. You will be extremely pleased.
Riley, RilonPrime Yoga Masters